Alexis Jade(:

Really this is just an overall fun tumblr. i post things that make me smile, and i hope make others happy too. <3
Now look at that sexy face. I should be a model or some shit. (; 
Kinda reminds me of when I talk, or cough and smoke coming out of my mouth at the same time. lol I think it&#8217;s bong-o-clock. I&#8217;ll be back!
Oh damnnnn

Fat Heat created this image of a giant red bird perched in mid-air on cellophane that is wrapped around two trees.
This is our duckface collage. (:
So my friend Mia, and I started this new thing among our group of friends. We tend to hang out with all our guy friends mostly anymore because girls cause too much drama. Anywhooo - We started going around asking our guy friends to do thee most ridiculous duckface possible and this is the outcome.
My friends Queef, Ronnie, Mike, and Ty are the stars of these ones. xD
(Ty is the one on the way top left, Mike is the one in the biggest picture, Queef is the one with the long blonde hair in double duckface and the way top right one, and in the 3rd one at the top Ronnie is the one in the way left of the picture.)
We&#8217;ll be doing way more pictures before the summer is over. Enjoy! (:

duck chase (x)
It was naptime. Sitting up was no longer an option!
So blazed, I barely remember taking that picture.. xD
Too bad I lost that jacket running from the po po D: